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Hotel Gasthof Schäfflerwirt in Aschheim near Munich receives DEHOGA Environmental Certificate in Gold.

An award for environmentally conscious and sustainable action.

We are proud that our environmentally conscious management has been rewarded with this gold award.
It confirms the path we have taken towards greater sustainability in our company.
It also encourages us not to let up, as there is still plenty of room for improvement.

We all have a responsibility to future generations, which is why we make every effort to minimize our impact on the environment and climate.

Facts about the DEHOGA Environmental Check

  • Participants in the "DEHOGA Environmental Check" must undergo a critical review in the areas of energy and water consumption, waste and residual waste and food, such as regional purchasing. Differentiated threshold values and requirements for the bronze, silver and gold award levels are defined for each of the four categories. The individual characteristics of the businesses are comprehensively taken into account.
  • The "DEHOGA Environmental Check" was designed for the specific requirements of the hospitality industry and its predominantly small and medium-sized businesses. In addition to its industry relevance and practical relevance, it enables a fair and transparent comparison of the participating businesses.
  • All businesses awarded the "DEHOGA Environmental Check" are published on the website at www.dehoga-umweltcheck.de.
    All further detailed information on the "DEHOGA Environmental Check" can also be found there.

The environment is important to us!
"Greenwashing" does not exist with us!

DThat's why we purchase our green electricity from Salzburg AG.
It is generated from 100% renewable energy sources, such as hydropower.

The natural gas we purchase and which is fed into the supply networks by LichtBlick is 100% climate-neutral.
CO2 emissions are fully offset by climate protection projects.

Environmental protection is particularly important to us!

The satisfaction of our environmentally conscious guests is our goal.

And we don't just talk about it, we also do something about it!

"Hotel Gasthof Schäfflerwirt" has been a member of the Bavarian Environmental Pact since 2010 and is continuously committed to sustainable economic growth with environmental and climate protection.

  • Our entire business is supplied with state-of-the-art heating technology in the form of a combined heat and power plant. The electricity produced is consumed by the company itself. The combined heat and power plant is supplied exclusively with climate-neutral gas. This saves a total of 150 tons of CO2 per year.
  • Saving energy and resources through intelligent room control in all our guest rooms. The smart room control system protects the environment and reduces our CO2 emissions many times over. The system automatically recognizes whether guest rooms are occupied or vacant. Depending on occupancy, all rooms are heated or controlled individually.
  • We clean with micro dry steam. This is steam heated to 190 degrees. This means that chemical cleaning agents are no longer used. As a result, we can rule out any contamination of our waste water with chemicals. We do not generate any plastic waste with cleaning containers. The regular water consumption per room cleaning is approx. 50 liters per cleaning. We have reduced this to 1.5 liters with micro steam cleaning!
  • For example, we have flow restrictors on all washbasins and showers, return packaging and separate waste.
  • The use of energy-efficient light sources is a matter of course for us.
  • Our laundry is environmentally friendly and we use the best ecological quality raw materials.
  • In our new hotel kitchen, we rely on a future-oriented and energy-saving mix of induction and gas.
  • We rely on suppliers with a regional product range. Local agriculture plays an important role in this.

Thank you for our current award "Umwelt und Klimapakt Bayern 2021"!

The prerequisite for participation in the Bavarian Environmental and Climate Pact is the practical implementation of operational environmental protection measures that go beyond the legal requirements.

In the photo: President of Dehoga Bayern Angela Inselkammer
Emmeran Haller from Hotel Gasthof Schäfflerwirt | Minister of the Environment Thorsten Glauber

In order to achieve and maintain a high standard of environmental performance in the future, we declare the following guidelines.

  • We focus on sustainable economic growth with environmental and climate protection.
  • We are always available for the wishes of our guests and will do our utmost to satisfy them.
  • We are committed to active environmental protection, as we love and want to preserve our beautiful homeland. We will ensure that we continue to comply with all relevant regulations and even take measures to continuously improve the environmental situation. The management, supported by the entire workforce, is personally committed to this.
  • It is important to us to protect the environment, because the conscious use of natural resources characterizes our actions.
  • Based on the knowledge of our company's impact on the environment, we want to continuously reduce the consumption of resources, emissions, waste water and, in particular, the amount of waste within economically and operationally justifiable limits.
  • We are always open to suggestions from employees, guests and the interested public for improving our environmental protection.