Environment and Sustainability

Satisfaction & Environment

Guest satisfaction is our top priority. In addition to this, environmental protection is a particularly important issue. To ensure high standards of environmental management now and in the future, we have committed ourselves to the following guidelines:

  • We have been members of the 'Umweltpakt Bayern' pact since 2010 and focus on sustainable economic growth that protects the environment and climate.
  • We are pleased to talk about the needs of our guests at any time and will do our utmost to satisfy them.
  • We are committed to active environmental protection because we love our homeland and wish to preserve it. We will also ensure that all relevant regulations are adhered to and, furthermore, will introduce measures for continually improving the environment. This is promoted by the management personally and supported by the entire staff.
  • We have environmental protection at heart since our actions are characterised by the responsible handling of natural resources.
  • Based on the knowledge of the effects that our organisation has on the environment, we want to continually reduce the consumption of resources, emissions, sewage and, in particular, the production of waste, within an economically and operationally acceptable framework.
  • We are always open to suggestions from our staff, guests and interested members of the public for improving our environmental protection.

And we don't just talk about it - we also do something for it.

  • We rely on suppliers with a regional range of products.
    Local agriculture is very important in this.
  • We have been using 100% hydro-electricity since 2013.
    Electricity is produced by hydroelectric stations at Ettling and Pielweichs.
  • Energy and resource savings through intelligent room control in all guest bedrooms.
    Smart room control is environmental friendly and reduces Co2 emissions four times.
    The system automatically recognises whether a guest bedroom is occupied or not. All rooms are heated and controlled individually according to occupancy.
  • For example, we have flow limiters on all washbasins and showers, return packaging and separate our rubbish.
  • Our laundry is environmentally friendly and we place emphasis on top quality, ecological raw materials.
  • Our new hotel kitchen relies on a forward-looking energy saving mix of induction and gas.
  • The use of energy saving lighting is, for us, a matter of course.


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