The story of Schäfflerwirt in Aschheim

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Before 1896 Johann and Maria Weiß married on 07.01.1896. They had 13 children, 4 of which emigrated to the USA. In addition to being a farmer, Johann Weiß was also 'Schäfflermeister' (a barrelmaker). Johann and Maria Weiß farmed livestock and also ran a barrel-making business.
An inn was also established at the farm, where bottled beer and vinegar was sold.
1896 onwards Johann and Maria Weiß began serving Löwenbräu beer from Munich.
The beer was transported from the Löwenbräu brewery by horse and cart, and stored in the "ice cellar". Large blocks of ice were used to cool the beer.
So began the cooperation with the Löwenbräu brewery, which has lasted for over 116 years.
30.11.1943 Handover to Johann Weiß
Son, Johann Weiß, born 30.11.1897 took ever the inn and farm. As a farmer and master butcher he provided home slaughtering services throughout Aschheim. His recipe for brawn is still retained today.
He was known throughout the area as a jolly farmer, who enjoyed singing to entertain his guests at the inn.
1951 Purchase of the "Hoischn-Anwesen" by Johann and Therese Weiß.
The adjoining land from the König Family provided an extension to the farm.
29.11.1951 Wedding of Rosa Weiß and Anton Haller (forwent his inheritance of "Summerer-Hof" in order to marry Rosa)
01.04.1951 Birth of daughter Rosmarie
07.09.1953 Birth of son Johann
14.08.1958 Handover of the farm to Rosa and Anton Haller
1961 Rosa and Anton Haller bought into the Brennerei Feldkirchen spirit distillery.
1976 Cowshed demolished. A function room was built and further rooms added.
The old farmhouse including the Wirtsstub´n restaurant and kitchen were renovated.
20.05.1983 Marriage of Gertrud Harder and Johann Haller
22.08.1983 Birth of son Emmeran
26.03.1987 Birth of daughter Clarissa
1986 Construction of second building as hotel - competed 1987.
14.05.1987 Handover of the business to Gerti and Johann Haller.
2002 Schaffler returns to its Bavarian roots; the building is repainted and the external frescos restored. Redesign of the reception area, guest toilets and foyer.
2008 Construction of the beer garden with its cosy outdoor seating area - known as "Salettl".
2010 Renovation and modernisation of the hotel and restaurant kitchen. Large energy savings through modern cooking technology.
2011 Construction of our barbecue hut.
Perfect for relaxed, cosy barbecues (or ideal as a smoking hut) with an open fire.
2013 Modernisation and redesign of the Schäfflerstube room with the latest LED technology and sound system.
29.06.2013 Marriage of Sabine Häusler and Emmeran Haller
2014 Birth of son and hier, Leonhard Johann Haller.
Modernisation of the safety technology: installation of a modern fire alarm system with smoke detectors in all guest bedrooms.
Construction of 4 new premium Alpine rooms with unique alpine design and latest technology.
2016 Birth of our little daughter Lena-Maria Haller.
Redesign and modernisation of 4 premium rooms with elements of contemporary design.
2017 Redesign and modernisation of additional themed rooms. No two rooms are the same.
Our guests can enjoy unique designs.

Awarded the official seal "Outstanding Bavarian Cuisine" by Angela Inselkammer and Hubert Bittlmayer, Head of the Bavarian State Ministry.


The origin of the "Schäffler Wirt" name

"Schäffler" is the old name for a barrelmaker in Bavarian dialect. There are quite a few other German words for this occupation too. Johann Weiß also acquired this skill at the end of the 19th century. As well as barrelmaker, he was also a farmer and inn keeper and therefore very well known in Aschheim and the surrounding area.