Bavarian Specialities

Delicacies on the Schäfflerwirt menu

Our range of food and drinks is a select combination of contemporary Bavarian cuisine. From traditional 'classics' to imaginative new creations, you will find a large choice at affordable prices. Our "Schäffler schnitzel" is real insider tip - personally created by our head chef, specially for our guests!

In addition to the classic Schäfflerwirt menu, there is also a daily menu with changing dishes. Friday is always fish. A place where fish lovers can enjoy something new every week.

Our raw ingredients are supplied by certified regional suppliers. Depending on the time of year, we also serve seasonal specialities by the glass or on the plate. We love children! Special children's meals complete our attractive range of dishes.

Schäfflerwirt To Go - Enjoy your favouite dishes "Dahoam" as well!

Schaffler feeling for you at home too:
All delicious food on our menu is also available for you to collect and take away!
Just give us a call and we will put your chosen items in a thermal pack!

* with preservatives, with anti-oxidants   |   ** with preservatives, artificial colouring, phosphate, anti-oxidants

We will be pleased to serve smaller portions for children & senior citizens.

Our Local Partners:

Eggs: Mühlhauser Family, Mühlhauser Hof - Garching/Alz.
Dairy products: Molkereigenossenschaft Berchtesgadener Land - Chiemgau
Bakery products: Bäckerei Maier -Landsham
Potatoes: from lovely Aschheim
Meat, sausages: Metzgerei Haller – Neubiberg, Metzgerei Ott - Wiesmühl, Geflügelgroßhandel Seiser -Dornach, Metzgerei Laubinger - Holzkirchen
Fruit/vegetables/salads: Früchte Feldbrach - Großmarkthalle München
Asparagus: Schiebel Family - Maushof – Pörnbach


We will be pleased to send you our specially prepared overview on request. In it you will find all dishes on our standard menu with the 14 main allergens. We will be pleased to answer any further questions and provide additional information to assist you at any time.