Without our partners, we would only be half as good

A big "thank you" to our partners for their top-quality regionial products:

Bakery Products from Bäckerei Heiß – Poing

Bäckerei Heiß – Poing

This bakery is an established name for the region's gourmets. Traditional baking skills, the best ingredients and a great range of fresh produce guarantee top quality bakery products that contribute towards healthy eating.

Beer from Löwenbräu and Franziskaner Weißbier

Löwenbräu AG – Supplying beer since 1896

The cooperation with Löwenbräu began well before 1896. At that time it was only the sale of bottled beer to Aschheim residents from our 'Schäffler-Hof'.  From 1896 onwards, the beer was transported in large wooden barrels from the Löwenbräu brewery to Aschheim by horse and cart. It was stored in our "ice cellar". We are very proud of this long cooperation! Löwenbräu stands for top quality and raw materials from the region.

Fine spirits from "Ascaim edle Destillate" – Böltl Family, Aschheim

"Ascaim edle Destillate" – Böltl Famly, Aschheim

The brothers Franz and Christian Böltl had the idea of producing excellent brandies, macerates, spirits and liqueurs.  

This means that they are uncompromising in producing their products and regarding the quality of the raw ingredients. They follow this philosophy every day - top quality products manufactured with traditional craftsmanship, distilled using modern technology. You can taste it.

Mühlhauser family egg farm at Mühlhauser Hof - Garching/Alz

Mühlhauser Hof – Garching/Alz

Mühlhauser Egg Farm in Garching an der Alz in Upper Bavaria has been one of our partners for many years. The Mühlhauser Family specialises in animal-friendly free range egg production.
Eggs are a valuable food that are offered in top quality and with an excellent taste. The basis for this is high-quality ethical treatment of the animals: only completely healthy hens lay really good eggs.

Meat | meat products: Butchers - Haller - Neubiberg, Ott - Wiesmühl, Hirschvogel Family - Aschheim

Metzgerei Ott – Wiesmühl

This modern butcher produces top quality meat products and sausages with traditional craftsmanship. This family butcher's firm has been committed to top quality meat since 1927. A combination of quality and modern practices has ensured proven success for years, in meeting the high demands of customers.

Gin - The Duke – Maximilian von Pückler, Aschheim

The Duke – Maximilian von Pückler, Aschheim

One of Germany's best known gins is produced just a few metres from us. Only organic ingredients are used in its production. Regular tours are offered. Well worth a visit!

Potatoes from lovely Aschheim from Rauchhof - Meier Family

Rauchhof Aschheim – Meier Family

Top quality potatoes come direct from lovely Aschheim.

Dairy products from Molkereigenossenschaft Berchtesgadener Land - Chiemgau

Molkereigenossenschaft Berchtesgadener Land - Chiemgau

Molkerei Berchtesgadener Land is characterised by a love of traditionally produced, high quality milk from Alpine farmers between Watzmann and Zugspitze, and its cooperative organisation.

Since its formation in 1927, this dairy has been guided by the principle of sustainability. The cooperative dairy still remains fully owned by its approx. 1,700 farmers.

Fruit, vegetables and salads from Früchte Feldbrach – Munich Wholesale Market

Früchte Feldbrach – Munich Wholesale Market

Quality, freshness, service, reliability. This long-term and reliable supplier of quality regional products delivers freshly picked fruit, vegetables, salads and herbs. An unbeatable team as far as fresh produce from the field is concerned. Feldbrach delivers everything that is in season from Munich's hinterland.

Beef from Hirschvogel Hof - Starnberg

Hirschvogel Hof - Starnberg

Beef cattle raised in the best surroundings on the farm. It is good to know where it comes from. Top quality beef, locally produced.

Asparagus from the Schiebel family - Maushof – Pörnbach

Spargel Schiebel – Pörnbach

We have been buying our asparagus directly from the Schiebel Family farm for many years. It doesn't get any fresher. The (white) asparagus is picked, washed and delivered straight to us. This means our asparagus has an extremely short delivery route and storage time. Martha and Christian Schiebel produce top quality you can really taste!

Wine/sparking wine from Wein Neumair - Hohenlinden

Wein Neumair - Hohenlinden

Our wine specialists for over 30 years. Selected fine wines and excellent service. The 250qm wine cellar is an insider tip and definitely worth a visit